My projects are usually inspired by common everyday events. Something as apparently banal as eating, getting dressed, taking the subway or even a politician’s speech are themes that I like to take and try to expand on them, relating them to concepts of identity, place (urban) and marketplace (consumerism), etc.

Formally, I use any media —photography, installation, drawing— that I consider the most suitable to express the concept of the artwork. Many take the form of series of images, either as a narrative (chronological or not), or as a conglomerate functioning as a whole.

My work usually appears very simple, humorous or ironic, but also requires some attention. I’m interested in creating a link, a dialogue between the artwork and the viewer’s mind. This interaction hopefully raises questions about issues that determine many facets of ourselves. Personally, these simple and common tasks, these observations have taken on a higher significance, leading a process of constant internal questioning and transformation.